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IP.    H

948                            Appendix IIL

(d)   Hence from (i I)} find total weight of CO2 per m., and

by proportion from () the total weights of the other
gases per m.

(e)  As at (d) p. 938 find the total heater m. given to the

mixture of exhaust gases, between 32 and the exhaust
(/) Find weight of H2O per Ib. of oil, from

ilb.H + 81bs.O) = %g (9lbs. H20)...j^'

and from (i) deduce the total weight of water per


Finally, the heat given to this water will be the sensible heat
from 32 to 212, the latent heat at atmospheric pressure, and
the superheat from 212 to pyrometer temperature /, or

Ibs. of water/ g           /  . _     \. o 1
per m.     t.                                    J

The heat given to exhaust gases and water being added,
constitute the quantity (3) on the right side of the balance sheet,
and the results of the test may be stated as at bottom of p. 946

11 J